Blue Birds 1957 or 1958

Blue Birds 1957 or 1958

Monday, May 2, 2011


THE Characters

Front: Nancy Nowlin, Connie, Tita, Carol & Cheryl
Middle: Ronnie, Chris Evans, David Lynn & Vernon Gaines
Back: Doug, Bubba, Sue Ann, Gary, Susan, Patsy, James, Sharon, Linda Brite & Larry Taylor

Mrs. Fulton's Fourth Grade Class

Add Names:
Front: George Townsen, Bubba,
?, ?, Barbara, Kathy Sparr, Marilyn, ? ?

Back: ? ? Richard, ? ?, Michael Ann, Harletta, Suzanne, Mrs. Fulton

Summer's Last Blast

Who are those old people?

Dogpatch USA

JaLeta Tidmore as Daisy Mae,
Bobby Havins as Abner
and Joe Bob Richie as Marryin' Sam.

"Tonicked" Husband

Bobby Capps
after taking

Berry Tonic
which turns

weaklings into musclemen.

Evil-eye Fleagle & McGoon